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Colorado shooter dating site

Holmes, was amassing an arsenal of guns, ammunition and body armor that he would use to kill 12 people and wound 70 inside a Colorado movie theater.“I had no idea,” his former girlfriend, Gargi Datta, testified in a Colorado courtroom Thursday.

Her testimony opened a small window into the private life of the man who prosecutors say carried out the rampage to improve his sense of self-worth after his academic career foundered and his only romantic relationship fell apart. Holmes was in the grip of psychosis and was legally insane on the night of the shooting. Datta’s testimony, which began late Wednesday afternoon, was the first time she had spoken publicly about her brief relationship with a man who had struck her as nice and intelligent, witty in his writing, but closed-off and socially awkward in person.

• Opening statements in trial of James Holmes • Holmes 2012 rampage left 12 dead and 70 wounded • Expected to plead not guilty by reason of insanity • James Holmes Profile • Prosecutors: 'James Holmes should die' That will conclude our live coverage of today's proceedings.

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The video stream has resumed as Brauchler concludes his statement by forcefully asking the jury to find Holmes accountable for 12 murders and 70 attempted murders.The second month of the trial, which is expected to last through the summer, has been about Mr.Holmes’s mental state and condition in the months before the shooting. She said she first met him at a student orientation and invited him to a study session at the prodding of a mutual friend.During the trial’s opening in late April, the district attorney leading the prosecution, George Brauchler, told jurors about an online conversation in which Ms. Holmes, who had been struggling in his neuroscience lab rotations. He told her he could not do what he really wanted because it was evil. His one-bedroom apartment in Aurora, not far from the university, seemed neat and clean, with the exception of his clothing-strewn bedroom, she said.She asked what he meant, and he told her, “Kill people, of course,” Mr. She said he had admitted to feeling “stage fright.” Other professors and graduate school colleagues echoed that, saying Mr.But underneath that awkward exterior, prosecutors say, was what Mr. Shortly after he cooked her dinner for Valentine’s Day, she went to his home and said she did not see a future with him. Holmes described in a private notebook as his “longstanding hatred of mankind.”By February 2012, after a few months of dating, Ms. She said that he was upset, but that a week later, they agreed to remain friends who sometimes had romantic contact. DENVER — They got to know each other during a study group and had their first date at a horror film festival.She was his first girlfriend, and though he said he loved her, she never felt close to him.Prosecutor George Brauchler said Holmes had, earlier in 2012, split up with an unnamed "first love".He described how the pair would discuss subjects including neuroscience and cannibalism, and Holmes' pet gerbil Lucifer.


  1. Jul 25, 2012. Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes' mug shot Social media site. picture of alleged shooter James Holmes from the online dating site.

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